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Shilist - Shared Task App & To Do List

4.6 ( 1456 ratings )
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Sviluppatore Slist LLC

Shilist is a shared task list app that delivers accountability and communication features. Assign tasks. Rate Performance. Efficiently handle your to do list and keep an eye on your tasks for others with real time updates.

Tasks + Accountability = Productivity
Shilist’s unique ratings feature helps you hold others accountable for completing their tasks on time.

Task Management Features

Add Unlimited Tasks - Free
Quickly add unlimited tasks for yourself and others. You won’t need to spend more time organizing your to-do list than it takes to complete it.

Real Time Updates - Free
Be sure of what’s getting done and what’s not. Scroll, filter, or search for real time status updates on your to do list & theirs tasks.

Unlimited Task Sharing - Free
Easily share unlimited tasks with your connections.

Communication & Collaboration - Free
Efficiently interact with messaging, photo sharing, and updates without leaving your task management app.

Accountability - Free
Going for the gold medal and avoiding the Shilist will help you and everyone on your shared task list stay accountable and productive.

Social Sharing - Free
Give credit to the people who came through by sharing tasks as you rate them and let others know who helped you handle your to-do list.

Tailor Your Tasks - Free
Each task on your to-do list can be tailored to your needs. Add as little or as much information that is needed to complete the task.

Upgrade for Even more Efficiency

Push Notifications - PRO

Important Reminders - PRO

Email Updates - PRO

View Ratings - PRO
Check out public ratings, and learn who can handle which shared tasks best, so that you can delegate based on who can deliver.